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Skills for the real world

 Have you ever wondered why some people are able to get the most out of others?

We explore how the way you think about your interactions with other people can make a big difference in your success. We’ll look at how you can apply coaching skills day to day, and how that can help you become more successful yourself.

You’ll also learn strategies for building strong relationships with everyone from customers to co-workers. 

If you want to maximise the impact you can have on others, but don't know where to start, then this course is for YOU! It's designed for anyone who wants practical ideas on becoming an effective leader/coach - regardless of their role or industry! This course will give you the tools needed to create positive change within yourself and those around you so that they too can achieve greatness! Are YOU ready to think like a Coach? 


Being a ‘coach’ on paper is very different in our eyes to being great at coaching people. Our courses are aimed at capturing the elements of a ‘great coach’ to then turn these behaviours, skills and learnings in to applicable frameworks and insights which can be used to maximise your engagements with others.

Our style is engaging, innovative and fun and the course includes an e-learning portal which has content ranging from videos, to podcasts, interviews, quizzes and practical exercises. All of our courses are accessible on your laptop, or via an app so that you can learn on the go. We are all about learning coaching skills for the ‘real world’ in a way that is applicable right from day 1, our diploma even comes with it's own magazine!

Coaching skills diploma



  • Get a deeper understanding of coaching, it's benefits and applications
  • Learn all about core coaching skills; including listening, empathy, reflecting and giving feedback
  • Understand coaching behaviours and take your own DISC assessment
  • Enhance your communication style, emotional intelligence and self awareness
  • Understand and establish your own motivations and boundaries 
  • Get insight in to common coaching frameworks and the Real World Consultancy LEAP model
  • Learn how to help people set goals, break them down and hold themselves accountable
  • Apply your new found skills right from day 1!
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