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Does Comedy have a place in business?

Nov 30, 2021
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Real World Consultancy
Does Comedy have a place in business?

At Real World Consultancy we are known for our engaging and fun approach to business coaching. Whilst wracking our brains for ways to get more personality across at events and on social media... I had a brain wave...Comedy!

The BEST business coaching sessions result in a variety of emotions, and one of the most freeing is laughter. There is nothing better than a good laugh at something that has happened, a situation, an idea, or better still, ourselves!

So, towards the back end of 2021,  I decided a stand up comedy course could be the answer to delivering authentic and engaging content.

I have always been a little bit of the class clown, and I have never minded not taking myself too seriously!

HOWEVER, standing up in front of people and delivering a comedy stand up set it TERRIFYING.

There was only one thing for it, I embarked on my stand up journey and gave myself 6 weeks to do an online stand up course. I then booked myself in to do an actual routine at the kiln because let’s face it no-one in their right mind would let me on to an actual comedy stage, and I figured second hand embarrassment is better than a business growth lecture.


UPDATE Week 1 - I haven't started my course

UPDATE Week 2 - I still haven't started my course

UPDATE Week 3 - I still haven't started my course... sh*t...

UPDATE Week 4 - I am getting less funny now I have actually started my course, is that even possible?!

UPDATE Week 5 - I am finally getting a set together, it is completely different from my original thoughts, and nowhere near the original 'message' I thought I would bring to the routine

UPDATE Week 6 - I have got my set, and I am feeling slightly less terrified... and along comes a new variant of Covid and tighter restriction. I am having to cancel the Comedy and Connect night, but I also did not want to lose momentum and rearrange to 2022. There is only one thing for it... I'm going online: how do you even deliver comedy without seeing people's reactions!

 1st December - It is not really what I had in mind, but I am stood at home in my office performing to a microphone with a slightly shortened version of my routine, tailored to attempt being funny online!

Have a listen and let me know what you think - does comedy have a place in business? And if so, am I funny yet?