Enterprising Worcestershire  Business Coaching 

- Is your business based in Worcestershire and less than 5 years old?

- Do you employ fewer than 250 people?

- Do you trade at least 70% Business to Business?


If so, there has never been a better time to live in Worcestershire;  achieve new levels of business growth on this Enterprising Worcestershire Early Stage Coaching Programme by working with one of the Real World Consultancy Business Growth Coaches whilst receiving:

  • 12 hours one to one business coaching
  • DISC Assessment
  • Business Assessment
  • Online community
  • Meet up's in Worcester
  • Online and Face to Face options for coaching


Our next application review day is 9th June, get your applications in now and you will hear back from us on, or just after 9th.

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*If this form looks a bit overwhelming, please don't worry, we can complete it together. Simply  click here  to book in a call with our head coach Esther who will be more than happy to help.

Chris Mann

 "The most valuable part of the programme has been keeping a clear vision which is focused on my core values and long-term goals."

Vanda Szabo

"I'm so happy with the progress I have made in my confidence and business too. Thank you so much for the opportunity."

Dr Lizzie Bernthal

"It has been transformational ... I highly recommend that you fill out your application form " 

 The  Real World Consultancy coaches work to incorporate a blend of the following techniques:

  • Behaviour

  • Business planning

  • Coaching

  • Strategy

  • Accountability

The coaches background in business, coaching and strategy provides a powerful mechanism to help you break down your business. 


Start your application

During this programme you will:

Identify a clear road map, and then hold yourself accountable to not only follow through with it, but with enhanced leadership skills and a critical friend to help you through.

All business growth coaching, although structured, is bespoke, which means we often give you the opportunity to work with more than one of the Real World Consultancy business growth coaches if they are the best fit for your requirements. 

Sessions are fortnightly running for 14 weeks; just imagine what you could achieve with the support of a coach, increased focus and accountability?


Tips and FAQ's for filling out the application


Please answer ALL questions for a quicker and smoother application process; this includes all of the tick boxes.


Can I still apply if I am not VAT registered?

Yes, if you are not VAT registered, please enter NA.


What if I am a sole trader and do not have a company number?

You are still eligible we will just require you to submit a scan/photo of your original letter from HMRC stating that you have registered with a UTR (Unique Tax Payer Reference) within the last 5 years. There is an upload field at the end of the application for you to upload your evidence. If you have misplaced this letter - you can call the self assessment helpline requesting a letter to be sent stating the date you originally signed up. Click here to see an example of the letter.


What is the definition of Business to Business (B2B)?

B2B is an exchange of products/services/information between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers/retail (B2C).


Does a charity count as Business to Business (B2B) for this funded programme?

Unfortunately, B2B does not cover charities.


Where can I find out the Value of the Aid I have received to date if I have misplaced my previous DeMinimus letter?

You will need to get in touch with each council that you have received support from. you can find the Worcestershire teams here

Still got questions?

No problem, drop and email to  support@realworldconsultancy.org