Does Comedy have a place in business?

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At Real World Consultancy we are known for our engaging and fun approach to business coaching. Whilst wracking my brains for ways to get more of the business personality through at events and on social media... Our director Emma had a brain wave...Comedy!

 The BEST business coaching sessions result in a variety of emotions, and one of the most freeing is laughter. There is nothing better than a good laugh at something that has happened, a situation, an idea, or better still, ourselves!

 So back end of 2021 (the day of me writing this) Emma decided a stand up comedy course could be the answer to delivering authentic and engaging content.

Emma has always been a little bit of the class clown, and has never minded not taking herself seriously!

HOWEVER, standing up in front of people and delivering a comedy stand up sketch TERRIFIES her. So, there is only one thing for it. She has given herself six weeks to be funny.

She's signed up to an online comedy stand up course with the aim to deliver it all to business owners in December!