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RWC Guide to applying for Grants

Jan 06, 2022

Three practical steps to help you prepare and write winning grant applications

1. Save  time - check eligibility up front

Grants can be a great way to get your agency the funds it needs, but only if they meet all of the requirements. Make sure you carefully review eligibility requirements and estimated program funding so that there isn't any missed opportunities or wasted time in applying for grants with agencies who will never fund you!

2. Align your application to the 'bigger picture'

Writing a successful grant proposal is often challenging, but with the right knowledge and skills it can be done.
Well-written applications will have clear goals that match those outlined by an awarding body as well and supporting material in accordance to their requirements; this way it is easy for those reviewing the application to see how funding from a grant could help both sets of goals.


3. Make your application easy to read

At high level you want to make sure you cover off  'Why, What, How, When, Who'.

Make sure within the questions outlined to include the following areas:

  • Introduction: A few sentences summarising  your business goals, mission, values.
  • Organization description: A summary of your business, work you have won, what you have delivered to date.
  • A statement of need: This is essentially the “problem statement” of your grant proposal. You need to explain who will benefit and how these funds would support.
  • Assurance and planning: Provide a clear description of the methods that you will use to ensure that the money and work surrounding the money will become a successfully delivered project. This will need to be proportionate to the application - a few pieces of hardward for setting up a business will need far less planning than a three figure grant for a proof of concept of a new product for example. For a larger project we suggest creating a project plan aligned to a timeline, with a resource plan to show the who, what, how, when.
  • Goals and objectives: Outline the specific goals and objectives aligned to the project you want to run with the funds. If it is as simple as new hardware it may be goals surrounding what you want to achieve with the hardware. If it is a proof of concept for a new product, it will be more comprehensive around the full project to create and run a POC for the product.
  • Budget Summary: You will need to provide a full break down of anticipated costs to complete the project (justifying your ask for the amount of funding). Provide full justification for all expenses.
  • Reporting: For larger applications, you may need to demonstrate your ability to report on the success of your project. The awarding agency may already spell out some of these requirements but you will want to be proactive in your own summary. How will the performance and success of the grant be measured? How will the reports be delivered ? What steps will you take to ensure compliance and transparency?