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A REAL round up of 2021

Dec 29, 2021

When I started RWC in 2018, it was with one goal: To be true and real. The name “Real World Consultancy( previous Real World Coaching)" felt like a perfect fit for everything we stand for - authenticity! So grab a mug of something warm and read my authentic round up of 2021.

This year we have worked with some amazing SMEs, and won new tenders that in turn have helped us help even more awesome business owners. We have accredited our own business coaching model and have invested in a LMS system to step up our online and hybrid services.  Esther, Keith, Christina and Robin joined us to deliver business coaching, and  Kateryna joined full time  as our Growth manager.

In terms of an instagram update we can probably say we are smashing it. But behind every instagram post is the real story, and here is ours.

Growing means investment, investment means ££££, which in turn means personal investment, shrinking profit margins and backing yourself in your decisions. It has paid off, it will set us up for an even stronger 2022, but it certainly hasn’t come without it’s ‘shit what have I done’ moments. For every instagram moment you see in someone's business, I can promise you there will have been lots of real, raw and scary moments leading up to it.

I have worked with several businesses over the last few years who have seen such hardship through covid in 2021 that they simply couldn’t wait out the market, or, didn’t have the cash to invest in order to diversify. This is absolutely gutting, many of these businesses and owners were incredible, and it is devastating to see brilliant people and their ideas get to the stage of ‘shutting the doors’. I am extremely fortunate in our business set up; we have manageable monthly outgoings, and a flexible team which enabled RWC to keep the lights on. This, coupled with my own fortunate setting of an incredibly supportive family and partner (without which RWC would have undoubtedly have been another covid casualty:) means I am still hear writing a round up. It takes a network of incredibly supportive family and friends to keep a business going in tough times, and I couldn't be more grateful for my network.

We have played the hokey kokey of online to face-to-face support through lockdowns, and because of that we now have a hybrid offering, which sets us up in this new future. This took investment to set up, many evenings setting up and automating processes, and most of all a huge mindset shift for both us and our clients. Again, without our coaches and clients being so flexible and willing to try new things we wouldn't be here.

We rebranded, we changed our look and feel. It's taken a few tries to get the tone of voice that feels right for RWC - and now I think this latest branding refinement is right for RWC and our vision for the future. This re-brand came after a very real ‘shall I just pack it in’ moment early this year. I had the carrot dangled of a full time, well paid job... I have to be honest it wasn’t a straight forward no, it was in fact several weeks working out:

a- do I fold RWC, take the job and give myself stability and security and a pat on the back for having 'tried my own business'?

b- do I back myself, get rid of any contract work, and go 100% back in to RWC to grow it with online capability?

Needless to say I chose to stick rather than twist,  and I am incredibly proud of my decision. This year has been a turning point for us, especially in contrast to 2020. I know that for some of our clients they haven’t been able to get to that turning-point just yet; but I am confident they will next year.

From great lows come great highs. We have all learnt to fail, to be resilient, to react and be flexible, to be patient, and most of all - to pick up and go again. If we all pull together, we can do this.

Now on to me personally. I am a 'people person', and I do not function well isolated. I am forever grateful that I have been with my partner Oli whilst locked down, we even brought our first house together in March! This has been a personal highlight for me this year, although he might think otherwise after so many lockdown’s!! Let’s just say he appreciates peace and quiet… and I am neither of those!

I am an anxious soul, I always have been a worrier.  This year with business, covid, family, and moving I have found some months, as most people have, pretty challenging. I realise on reflection that this is largely because I normally have hobbies to throw myself into as a distraction. Lock down enabled me to strip back to the ‘real’ distraction free version of my mind, and although challenging at times, I feel I have grown as a person because of it. 

Stay safe, stay positive and be real, let’s support each other in whatever 2022 throws at us.