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How to Avoid the Business Danger Zone

Nov 23, 2021

How near are you from the danger zone for your business, or, are you well and truly in it?

When you started your business you likely hit a steep growth curve in building the business to the point where it has a 'day to day'.

Once you hit that day to day though, the question is, 'what next'?

Is your business aim to build a business which runs day to day and pays the bills, or, are you looking to grow further than you running the day to day allows?

In order to push through that barrier from solopreneur to entrepreneur, you need to find a way to re-balance your time from running the business back on to growing the business again.

The funny thing about the tipping point is that it not only stiffles your growth, but it is also normally has a direct correlation with your fulfilment. If you enjoy being creative, innovative and build new ideas, yet you are stuck running the routine day to day, couple that with a plateaux in growth, you are probably feeling pretty frustrated and unfulfilled with your business in general.

Don't let your business take over; take charge, rebalance and kick start some growth!