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How are your business foundations?

Dec 08, 2021

Let’s imagine for a moment you are building your dream home, every penny of your savings is going in to this build, every ounce of your energy and focus spent on building this ‘dream’ home. It has been something you have always wanted, a burning desire thats just about to come true.

Would you build this dream home on sloppy foundations which would slip, morph and create cracks over the coming years? Possibly even collapsing all together in the future years?

If you answered yes then you probably don’t need to read on….

You wouldn't build your forever home on sloppy foundations, so don't build your forever business on sloppy foundations.

Building the foundations isn’t sexy, it doesn’t look pretty, you can’t see the form or shape of the house, it is just a necessity to protect and safeguard the rest of the build, and to enable longevity.

The same goes for business, building strong foundations isn’t sexy, it isn’t always innovative or creative, it is time consuming and requires focus when there are fires still blazing around you.

But, creating those foundations prevents the biggest fire of all when down the line the business starts to crack, morph and creak at the seems when pushed with growth.

Structures, processes, procedures, systems, alignment of teams, clear objectives, targets, goals, mission statements , clear communication channels…

Everyone on the same page knowing where the business is going, how they fit in, and exactly what needs to be done with clear communication channels and clear data is a very powerful position to be in. These foundations will unlock the growth potential of your business, whereas sloppy foundations will hinder it…maybe even break it.

How are your foundations looking?