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Goal setting made simple

Jan 16, 2022

1. Define what success looks like.

If you want to be successful, then it's essential that your goals align with your bigger picture. 

Start by jumping forward and writing down what you want your life to look like in your 'bigger picture' (this may be 10/20/30 or even 50 years!). What do you want your life to look like in 5 years? and finally in 12 months?

Align your business and personal goals so that nothing is contradictory, remember everything must align to your bigger picture.


2. Create a timeline for your goals

When you have broken your bigger picture down in to what the next 12 months looks like, break this down to set goals with target dates. Use this formula to help:

It is (DATE).. and I/ the business is..... we/I are.... and I know this because...

3. Break down your goal into smaller, more manageable steps

These 12 month goals will still seem pretty huge, so let's break them down in to 3 month focuses. In order to be on track to hit those goals by the dates you have set, what will you need to have achieved in the next 3 months?

Use this formula to help:

It is (DATE).. and I have:

- Completed...

- Stopped...

- Achieved...

4. Find a weekly way of working

Now you have your 3 month focus, you need a way to break it down even further each week. We suggest:

- Write down a set of actions for yourself each week using your 3 month focus to focus you.

- Have visual reminders of your end goal, your goals and your focuses.

- Tell people what you are doing - this will help you to stay accountable.

- Set time aside each week to review the previous week, and re-set your actions for the next week

- If you are struggling to find time to do your actions, diarise them to make sure they happen!