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How to get started with digital in your business

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how to get started using digital in your business

Are you ready to 'think digital'?

Do you want to create an online membership? Think digital.

Do you want to use cloud software to run your business? Think digital.

Do you want to use technology to create products? Think digital.

Do you want to use software and tools to enhance your service offering? Think digital.

Do you want to use artificial intelligence in your development of, delivery of, or within your services and/or products? Think digital.

Do you rely on connectivity to power your services or products? Think digital.


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation looks different for every business, so it is hard to pinpoint a single definition. However, we would describe it as embracing and integrating digital technologies which transforms how you then deliver value to your end customer.

Embracing digital to transform has huge benefits, including:

1 .Improved Customer Experience

2. Saving money

3. Staying ahead of the competition

4. Better Employee Engagement

5. Access to measurable data to make informed decisions


How can you embrace digital as a small business?


Top 5 Tips

A - Assess what you are doing currently

Firstly start by checking in as to where you are currently.

  1. What gives you a headache in your business?
  2. What barriers do your customers face?
  3. What saps your time and resources?
  4. What are your competitors doing better than you?
  5. Do your team see you as a digitally advanced business to work for?

*If you haven't already, why not take the uxplore 'how digitally savvy is your business' quiz to get you thinking.


D- Decide on  the right technology

Start with your goal in mind and pick the right software for your needs. Don't forget to do your research and work out how that technology fits in with other tools you may have. If you are just starting out, there are heaps of great free and low cost tools available to all businesses, digital savviness is not just for the 'big businesses'!


Think about how artificial intelligence could help you, it is not all about robots! This article from grammarly has a great blog exploring some AI tools for small businesses.

P- People

People are at the heart of everything, so whether it is just your mindset if you are working solo, or, a full culture change if you have a large team, make sure you start with people and skills. Get the right technical skills in place to support you, and think digital mindset, work out how you can embrace digital and get your teams to do the same.   You cannot afford the 'stuck in my ways' mentality in your business and it is important to get comfortable with 'failing fast' so that you can try and move on from things that don't work.

T- Training

Again this comes down to people, so wether it is you or you have large teams, think about the training you need to embrace digital in your business. There is no use having amazing processes and tools if you can't use them!