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Meet RWC

For many years, we have been supporting small businesses, and people. We offer them a chance to grow, lead and adapt their way of thinking.

This golden thread runs through all our work as it is the essence behind what drives us: demonstrating those qualities ourselves; growing; leading – always adapting to new situations or challenges that may arise in order for change happen!

In 2018, Emma White established Real World Consultancy to help small businesses overcome barriers in order for them to grow. Using her knowledge of analysis, change management, project and programme frameworks as well as leadership coaching skills; she then went on to create a coaching and growth framework which has gone on to help 100's of business owners.

Emma's business success has been driven by her ability to find coaches that  fully align to the Real World Consultancy values and approach and they are known for their engaging and fun approach to business.

We are all about Values

Real. Passionate. Right

We are real, we work with real people, and we offer business coaching for the real world, in a real way!

We are passionate about what we do, we work with passionate people, and we will get unashamedly passionate about our clients business and personal growth.

We aim to always do the right thing, in the right way for the right people!



Meet the Dream Team


What does it take to be a high performing business coach?

A love for helping people reach their business goals, and an insatiable curiosity about the human mind and how we can harness its power to hack growth. In order to do this effectively our coaches have years of experience in coaching, leadership and business themselves.

We might think that all business coaches are created equal; however, not only is coaching different from person-to-person but also each coach has specialisms, life experience and tools then can bring to the table to help you. That's why we give you the opportunity to pick which coach you would like to work with, and you can even swap sessions to work with different coaches throughout your time with us.

Director Emma

Aka the ideas

Idea's are her forte.

Don't under estimate her enthusiasm,

Especially after a coffee.

And we probably should warn you...

She isn't known as the 'professional nag' for nothing! 




Head Coach Esther

Aka Queen of Digital


Digital is her bag,

In-between being the queen of networking!

Goal driven, and enthusiastic,

Innovation is plentiful with Esther and

There is never a dull moment,

Accountability is plentiful with

Lots of energy and encouragement.

Coach Keith

Aka The Professor


'Professor' doesn't do Keith's knowledge justice,

Really, there is NOTHING he hasn't done!

One minute he is advising on...

Foreign policy, the next starting up a new aerospace company!

Executive positions,

Start up support,

Scale up support, he has done it all.

Or, you may catch him in his down time, 

Relishing a fine bottle of red over the stove.

Coach Christina

Aka The Creative


Creative by nature and in her coaching,

Results are always plentiful in her presence.

Every client comments on the calm,

And focused feel of Christina's sessions.

Time out to be creative,

Is at the heart of her being.

Very warm, welcoming and knows...

Everything about marketing!

Coach Tor

Aka The Brand Master


Brand and coaching is powerful, you can expect...

Real and focused results in her sessions.

And, there is

No greater tool for problem solving, than Tor using her

Design thinking!


Growth Manager Kateryna

Aka The Glue


Goals and growth is what she does,

Lists and organisation to perfection.

Understanding our clients, and keeping everything running, with...

Enthusiasm a plenty!

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